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Commercial Litigation

Sometimes litigation is necessary, and when it is, Alisa efficiently, aggressively, and proactively represents her clients’ interests during litigation – and she does so to win. Alisa believes that her success in obtaining favorable pre-trial resolution results from her reputation as litigator who is not afraid to take cases to trial if need be. Throughout the dispute cycle, she remains laser-focused on her clients’ business objectives and uses litigation as an instrument to advance and support those objectives.

When a business dispute turns into a high-stakes, complex legal controversy, Alisa step in to protect her clients’ rights and interests while minimizing risk. She applies her experience and advocacy skills to achieve successful and cost-effective result.

Alisa is prepared to take the largest and most complex cases to trial, as plaintiff’s or defense counsel, and her “business first” approach to dispute management is proactive.

Because Alisa has significant skill and success with pre-trial motions, such as motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, many of her cases are resolved long before a full-fledged trial.

Alisa is experienced in all phases of civil litigation, including Appeals to the Appellate Court. Alisa often handles matters involving provisional remedies, such as preliminary injunctions and other expedited proceedings. Alisa is well-versed in Discovery and has extensive experience working with experts.

Alisa anticipates a variety of potential pitfalls a litigation presents in any given time, advising her clients on the merits and downsides of a particular lawsuit, while simultaneously finding ways to achieve a positive resolution in a manner that is most beneficial to her client. Alisa strongly believes in trying to reach a fair and amicable settlement, when possible, while litigating relentlessly when a positive outcome has a high likelihood of success; but always, the ultimate decision remains with her clients.

More importantly, Alisa personally drafts all of her briefs and presents all oral arguments herself in every case, this sets her apart from most other law firms where many different attorneys work on a single matter creating unnecessary overbilling as well as a lack of thorough understanding of the legal matter at hand. Most law firms do not let their lawyer handle any one litigation from beginning to end, thus they have no understanding of the big picture, and hence the ability to strategize, and this is the precise reason why most law firm do not possess the skill set needed to excel at litigation.

Alisa coordinates closely with her clients in risk assessment, evaluating threatened or filed lawsuits to determine whether a prompt resolution or dismissal is feasible. If not, Alisa proceeds to litigate the case in an aggressive yet cost-effective manner.

Alisa devotes substantial resources to major matters as well as the case management expertise by effectively employing her personalized attention to each and every matter from beginning to end, without having to outsource segments of any litigation matter to others which most law firm do to maximize their billable hour. This approach of having a single litigant overseeing a matter from beginning to end, provides substantially better results since they get to know each matter inside and out, and do not need to have a string of attorneys reviewing a single case every time.

Alisa uses well settled industry standard technology to manage files including cloud-based case management software and cloud-based file sharing system to have immediate access to all of your matters at any given time. The approach of having a single person handling the lawsuit from beginning to end, cuts out the redundancy of having to review the whole matter by a different litigator every time a court appearance, or a new motion is drafted.

Alisa consults with clients at every step of the way during a lawsuit, cutting out the redundancy of having to deal with numerous lawyers at once, Alisa is always mindful of the underlying business implications and litigation risks. Her overriding objective in every case is to secure a prompt and favorable outcome that meets her client’s needs while minimizing burden, inconvenience, and expense.

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