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Real Estate Litigation

Alisa Sondak has a wide scope of experience in handling all types of litigation involving Real Property, such as unauthorized Real Estate Deed transfer because of Fraud, Litigating Real Estate Partition conflicts, Disputes arising due to a party’s breach of a Real Estate Sales Contract, Real Estate ownership disputes arising as a result of Death, Real Property Easement and Boundary Disputes, and a myriad of other conflicts involving Real Property rights.

Sondak Law Group also provides Commercial Real Estate Borrower/Refinance Representation, Commercial Lease Preparation & Review, Easement Creation & Termination, Condominium Representation & Other Condo Issues, Co-op Representation & Other Coop Issues.

Real estate developers, owners, and lenders trust Alisa with their disputes because Alisa approaches litigation as a vehicle to achieve their business objectives – not as its own objective. Her internally supportive and collaborative approach allows her to identify and deploy the correct resources for each engagement.

Alisa also has experience with many different types of clients—developers, owners, lenders, commercial landlords and tenants, builders, contractors, management companies, and design professionals. This gives her the ability to see different sides of an issue which serves her well in managing dispute resolution or litigation.

Alisa represents owners, lenders, contractors, manufacturers, and design professionals in all aspects of construction litigation.

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